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Venice Beach's The Anchor: Los Angeles' Best Lobster Brunch and More

Venice Beach's The Anchor: Los Angeles' Best Lobster Brunch and More

It's no secret that I'm a certified brunch fanatic. I'll take eggs any way they're handed to me...though I certainly prefer a perfectly prepared poached egg or a sunny side up beauty to a lackluster scramble. And Eggs Benedict? Well, that's about as delightful as brunch gets in my opinion. Especially when the egg spews its golden goodness all over the English muffin, croissant, or whatever kind of crusty bread its so proudly sitting on.

I'm also all about a righteous Bloody Mary. But that shouldn't come as surprise either. 

So I'm always looking to check out the local brunch hot spots in an efforts to fulfill those weekend runny yolk and spicy bloody cravings. I must gloat too, I'm pretty lucky with where I live since there's an endless array of seriously superb brunch time staples all within a short bike ride from my front door.

One of those places that I often catch myself daydreaming about and salivating over is relatively new to the Venice Beach drinking and eating scene. And while it may be a Los Angeles restaurant newcomer, The Anchor has certainly made quite the name for itself in the last several months since its opening early last fall. It's no wonder why they've been such a hit in the community either.

The Anchor does everything right. From their pledge to always use locally-sourced, organic, and seasonal ingredients to their kitchen run by knowledgeable and charismatic Executive Chef Dustin Taylor, to the friendly neighborhood watering hole vibe, they've pretty much nailed it with what a quintessential local restaurant should be.

One of The Anchor's best contributions to the community? That would be their bottomless Bloody Mary and Mimosa brunch, which also features a delightful assortment of heavenly breakfast and lunchtime fare. 

The Bloody Mary is solid. With a fresh, scratch made mix and without all the unnecessary bloody bells and whistles, it's the kinda bloody I can get down with, without feeling full before my actual meal has arrived at the table. Perfectly spicy, this boozy treat is made with soju as The Anchor is currently beer and wine only. Side note: they have one killer selection of craft brews. 

Let it be known. No visit to The Anchor is complete without their (already) famous Lobster Roll. Yes, even at brunch, this sandwich is mandatory. Having tasted traditional lobster rolls in Boston, I can tell you that The Anchor's take on the New England classic is very, very different. But in a good way. The small roll is lightly buttered, toasted, and loaded with beautiful hunks of sweet and delicate lobster. It's then topped with truffle oil and some...wait for truffle shavings. Guys, the combination is mouth-watering, insane. 

But The Anchor doesn't stop their with their (super successful) lobster efforts. Chef Dustin Taylor pulls out all the stops yet again with their flawlessly executed Lobster Benedict. I can't even begin to describe the emotions I have for this creation. Two warm buttermilk biscuits come topped with beautifully poached eggs, a rich and subtly lemony hollandaise, and tons of that decadent lobster. Oh, and who could forget those black truffle shavings on top...

While I'd definitely be an idiot to pass up on both of their lobster dishes, I must say, the simple and comforting Scrambled Egg sandwich is actually pretty luscious. Pillowy soft scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, farmhouse cheddar, and the best damn bacon you've ever had all come nestled between two slices of toast, making one hell of a breakfast sandwich. Effortless perfection right here.

I know I briefly mentioned those biscuits....and that bacon...but ordering both a la carte would be wise. For the bacon that Chef Dustin uses is no laughing matter. Nueskes bacon is applewood smoked, thick-cut, and oh, so meaty. Cooked until tender and a bit crisp, this bacon is deserving of a special moment when you take that first bite. The biscuits deserve some credit too as their warm soft center and sturdy "crust" can hold up to joint's amazing (and unique) Red-eye gravy, sweet jams, and Lobster Benedict. 

The Anchor serves up a sweet happy hour too, with some of the prettiest deviled eggs I've ever seen. But that's another story for another day. This place is the type of place that (no matter how much you want to visit new restaurants) you keep going back to for more. Because the food is absolutely delectable and because the service is solid...and because it's well, perfect...every single time. 

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