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Posing with Pizza

Posing with Pizza

I’ve been missing in action for entirely too long. Seems like an eternity, really. Shame on me. I put my heart and soul into Dash of Les for so long - 3 years in fact. But then, something made me go silent. To this day, I don’t know exactly what that “something” was.

Countless times I sat down at my desk to share details on a recent vacation, recipe, or dish I devoured from a local restaurant. But then, I’d walk into my kitchen and glare at the dishes piling up in the sink or the layer of filth building up on the hardwood floors. And the crazy cleaning mode would follow. Let’s not forget about the 9-5 where I’m often staring at a computer for 8 hours either- it certainly doesn’t motivate me to sit at my very own computer at the end of the day to compose something creative.

But the truth is, I missed blogging Leslie. Because cleaning and working Leslie...well, she’s not exactly fun.

What have I been doing besides washing dishes, sweeping floors, and working for the man? Eating pizza. And tacos. And poke. But mostly, pizza. And on that note, I get to share some fun news with you. Dash of Les, as you may remember her, was alllll about the food. Recipe creation and restaurant reviews with travel or wedding stories few and far between.

That’s all about to change. Enter an era of food and fashion fusion. An era of adventure and ensembles with only the most delicious accessories. Because while eating never gets old, writing about it can. And because frankly, I’m just too incredibly awkward (and hungry) for strictly fashion blogging.

So bring on the food and the ‘fits.

I hope you’ll join me on my new journey. I'm jumping out of my comfort zone and it's a bit scary - but a good kind of scary. Photography classes begin next week and some other kinds of “schooling” will be underway soon. Not to worry though; while Dash of Les may get a new name, a new look, and a whole new concept, rest assured, there will always be food. 


The Food:

Pizzanista - locations in Long Beach and Downtown LA.

Order the white pizza. Delightfully greasy (no joke, it was dripping down my fingers) and topped with dollops of creamy ricotta, it was quite possibly the finest slice of white pie I’ve ever feasted on. Best part? You can order by the slice. Stomach ache averted.

The Fit:

Pizza graphic sweater, Urban Outfitters. Similar here | Destroyed Denim, Topshop | Coral pumps, Steve Madden. Similar here | Suede hat, Target. Similar here | Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters

Old Fashioned, New Fashion

Old Fashioned, New Fashion

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