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Tampa's Fleming's Prime Steakhouse Unveils Brand New Decadent Steak and Wine Menu

I'm really not much of a red meat eater. I crave a cheeseburger maybe once a month. But even then I can generally control the temptation. Ground meat...well, I always sub the white stuff for the red when it comes to chili, tacos, etc. And while most humans I know savor the all-mighty steak dinner, I'd just assume eat seafood...or "the other white meat." Quite frankly, I find that very few steaks meet my innermost food loving desires. Either overcooked, too fatty, or not juicy enough, steak that's supposed to be righteous is usually pretty lackluster in my book. I also limit my red meat intake for health reasons too...but that's a story for another day.

So when I eat red better be damn good. We're talking Pot Roast or Beef Stew as good as my mom and grandma made it (not possible, by the way) or a luscious, blow your socks off, medium-rare slab of steak. Friends, a modest little restaurant that goes by the name of Fleming's Prime Steakhouse presents guests with this kind of steak. One of the very few chain restaurants whose praises I'll sing, they truly get it right, every...single time. When I was recently invited to a very intimate media dinner at the critically acclaimed steakhouse, I knew I was in for one hell of an evening. Showing off their newest line of steak preparations and scrumptious steak accompaniments, they planned a multi-course meal that was sure to swoon us all.


Arriving to the romantically dark restaurant, I was greeted with a thing of absolute beauty. The Chilled Seafood Tower is a shellfish masterpiece. A tower of treats indeed; this "starter" consists of the largest shrimp known to man, beautiful and rich King crab...and the best part, lobster. All shelled and ready for consumption, the array of seafood goods comes with cocktail sauce and an addicting creamy mustard sauce. Fresh as can be, the starter meant for two or more had me in love at first sight (and bite). Seafood just doesn't get much better than this.


I couldn't keep my hands off the shellfish. I was like a little kid in a candy store. But Fleming's had more in store to please my palate. For up next would be "the other white meat" in one of its most coveted forms. It's trendy and it's melt in your mouth amazing. Pork Belly. Fatty, juicy, and oh so divine, pork belly. Served atop a fennel and orange slaw dressed in mustard vinaigrette, the flavor profile was one to remember. So many tastes and textures going on and yet, the meat wasn't the least bit overpowered. Without too much fat or gristle, it was some of the best pork belly I've eaten to date.


And then, without further ado, it was time for steak. But this wasn't just any steak menu. Fleming's has gone over and beyond their always phenomenal steak standard by creating a "Build Your Own" steak ordering system. introducing dry-aging with their Prime New York Strip and Prime Ribeye, guests can now pick between Fleming's classic wet-aging or their new dry-aging method with these select steaks. But wait, there's more. In addition to choosing the preferred aging process, guests may also choose the cooking technique with options of traditional broiled or cast-iron crusted. Finally, to top the steak off with perfection, there are irresistible steak companions to boot, which are as follows:

-Truffle Poached Lobster with béarnaise sauce and caviar

-Diablo Shrimp baked with a spiced barbeque butter sauce

-King Crab with Herb Butter and garlic topped with caviar

-Flavor Trio of three steak sauces -gorgonzola and mascarpone brulee, sweet onion bacon jam, and cabernet mustard.

Curious how I chose to order my steak? Well, since I had my good friend and fellow blogger, Megan to my left, we decided to both order Ribeyes but switch up the aging and cooking techniques. I went with the wet-aged and cast-iron crusted while she went with the dry-aged and broiled (at 1600 degrees). Suckers for lobster (and who isn't?), we both had our steaks topped with the Truffle poached lobster with Béarnaise and caviar. I simply can't put into words how insanely delectable these steaks were and I really couldn't decide which aging technique I enjoyed more. However, I will say that the cast-iron crust on my cut boasted a little something extra in the way of texture and flavor. Both 12-ounce steaks (you better believe I had leftovers) were juicy and seasoned impeccably with kosher salt and pepper. And that lobster, Bernaise, and caviar topping...well, that was a downright breath-taking addition.


My belly was aching in the only the best kind of way. But there was just no stopping Fleming's from brining us out a final course. I am so thankful that they did. What looked to be giant cappuccinos coming our way, were in fact, something entirely different and decadent. The new S'mores Cappuccino is unique and supremely sweet and savory. Served in a giant Cappuccino mug, there are layers of torched marshmallow, a sea-salted graham cracker crust, and at the very bottom, a thick pool of molten fudge. My often absent sweet tooth returned for this glorious number and my tastebuds were applauding the dessert with every sugary bite.


Just as expected, my experience at Fleming's was an exceptional one. With stellar service and memorable fare, it's always a pleasure dining at the well-respected steakhouse. Between their award-winning wine selection, their awesome steaks, and their fantastic seafood, it's a sure bet I'll be back there for more indulgent behavior in the near future. Thank you Fleming's for making my once a month steak splurge worth my while. The steaks are without question, damn good.

For all you fellow winos out there, you'll also be happy to know that Fleming's recently released the 2014 edition of their award-winning wine list, the Fleming’s 100®, featuring 100 wines by the glass. Strategically chosen by Fleming’s National Director of Wine, the list includes wine from both popular and up-and-coming wine regions as well as 30 wines priced at $10 dollars or less.

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