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Mango Basil and Lime Daiquiris for National Rum Day

This season of scorching sunshine isn't over yet friends. While I've heard many moan and groan about the dog days of summer, I must say, I really don't mind the heat. So long as I have a cool pool to dip in or the Gulf to wade in, I'm pretty darn content with the sun's blazing rays. However, there is an item I find quite essential when trying to beat Florida's intense summer temperatures. Oh, you know what's coming. A crisp, ice-cold, cocktail must be in my hand whether I'm kicking my feet up at the beach or enjoying a lazy Sunday in my pool. 

When I saw that National Rum Day was quickly approaching, I began thinking about my favorite rum cocktails. As you know, I'm a Mojito aficionado and recently posted a crazy simple recipe for the minty Spanish libation. Although mojitos are a staple in my life, I'm also a fan of the tried and true daiquiri. No need to worry, my daiquiri isn't the overly sweet and insanely weak variety you find at beachside cabanas. My daiquiri is perfectly sugared, kicked up with liquor, and twisted with an unlikely added ingredient. 

I absolutely love herbs in my adult beverages. Mint, cilantro, rosemary, basil...they offer such a fun aspect of flair to any shaken or blended concoction. I'm also really into mango since it boasts a removable seed (versus berries) and is naturally very sweet on its own. So for National Rum Day, I decided to whip up a frozen drink I had yet to ever make. was absolutely delightful. 

Mango Basil and Lime Daiquiri


10 ounces clear rum (I use Bacardi silver)

2 cups frozen mango chunks (or peeled, seeded, and chopped fresh mango)

1/2 cup lime juice

10 (medium-large) fresh basil leaves 

1 tablespoon sugar

Ice (2-3 handfuls)


1. Place all ingredients in your blender.

2. Pulse until combined and smooth.

3. Top with a Rum floater (optional). Garnish with lime wedge and basil. 

4. Enjoy

***Makes 4 short daiquiris with 2.5 ounce shots each. 

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